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Bulk SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the fastest, cheapest, easiest and most powerful way to communicate directly with your customers to increase purchase frequency, dominance, loyalty and referrals.

Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign is a powerful SMS marketing tool used by various companies to send bulk SMS messages to mobile phones. It is much more effective than email marketing and very effective in reaching not only the customer but also the employees and business partners. A2z Webinfotech - Attract prospective customers to your business with Bulk SMS Marketing solutions provided by one of the best SMS marketing services in Dubai at an affordable.

A 2013 survey by Milward Brown Digital found that “…consumers around the world value interacting with businesses through mobile messaging. Consumers prefer to communicate through text messages, both to get information from brands and to ask questions about the brands themselves. Also, most prefer SMS over other marketing channels, including video ads, banners, and email. »

Although the social media platform is widely used by all marketers for professional purposes, you should also know that SMS messages have a higher readability rate than social media. Many people tend to have their mobile devices close at hand, but they may not be on social media sites 24/7. However, most cell phone users check SMS notifications (nearly 90% of the time) because they know that the messages delivered are important and, due to strict regulations, are highly unlikely to be spam.

Our BULK SMS service sends text messages directly to mobile subscribers' cell phones. By using the Bulk SMS service, customers receive the highest possible quality of SMS on the market and have the peace of mind that each SMS sent will be delivered safely and at the right time.


•    Supports custom messages without any development.
•    Free sender ID (brand/company name).
•    Support for Arabic and long characters, message delivery schedule.
•    Instant online reports with extensive search options.
•    API for integration with your own application.
•    No setup fees, no usage restrictions and flexible validity when using SMS.
•    Dedicated flow.
•    Automated option to block marketing SMS without affecting alert SMS.